2014 - 2017

It’s really easy to make judgements about people and exaggerate them.

James Miller

I have been inspired by the photography and might reconsider it for part of my Art GCSE course. In addition to this, I will also consider Art for A - level.

Oliver Berry

From the process of interviewing another person I learned the importance of listening.

Lucy Thompson

I learnt about lighting, different angles and how much of a difference this makes.

Tiana Mvula-Dodd

From Becca talking about me in her poem it made me realise that my life isn’t as normal as I thought it was.

Sam Gibson

I’ve learnt that I can take good photos if I have to and that I can use information from someone to create a poem. Furthermore, that I can work well with different people.

Sindi Rudevica

I learnt that with some help I can actually write a half decent poem.

Becca Chesworth

What I found interesting was the interview process, writing poetry for the first time, relaxed atmosphere, working with a variety of people.

James Miller

I learnt that I can write a poem, which I’m very happy about because when I first started I didn’t think I would be able to.

Molly Knight

Lucy likes the sunset and the colour orange, dislikes the unknown and wished she had tried harder in year 10 for her GCSEs.

George Ovenden

I am a lot more capable of writing poems that I thought I would be and this experience has helped me cement my passion for photography.

Sam Shute

Writing the poem was actually quite simple to understand because of the questions we asked. I found it quite easy to find a theme for the poem. Also, we had a lot of help for both the poetry and photography sections.

Florence Jewell

Seeing all the ideas on the pin boards at the end of the week, I was really surprised at what could be achieved when I put my mind on something. Also being in an environment that encouraged people to push limits and step outside of their comfort zones.

Lucy Thompson

I feel like I got to know Tom quite well because he told me about his past and his greatest fears and other things which you wouldn’t usually ask someone when it’s the first time you’ve met them. However, I know that I didn’t really know him that well because I only met him for a few days... so it was really bizarre to write a poem based on him and his emotions.

Catherine Miller