The PEEL Zone™

The PEEL Zone™ is the online hub of the Project PEEL initiative. A bespoke content-managed system, the PEEL Zone™ allows schools and other educational organisations to run their own course. With the guidance of a PEEL trainer, students can upload their poetry and photography to the PEEL zone™, making it private or public for the world to see. Various permissions have been enabled throughout the site, ensuring that consent and visibility is protected. An anonymous questionnaire is completed by each participant, both before and after submission of their project, allowing the PEEL Zone™ to monitor the increase of positive responses, making it a key tool to track the effects of the PEEL programme on young people’s mental health.

The PEEL Zone™ acts as a gallery of the work submitted by participants; a particularly stunning feature is the ability to view a submission on a mobile device as a lenticular, by rocking the phone from left to right, both portrait and poem fade in and out.


PEEL Zone™ well-being assessment questionnaire


Students can easily upload their creative pieces


The completed submission shows both portrait and poem


Trainers can monitor course participants’ progress


The anonymous report shows how the PEEL Project course has affected students’ sense of wellbeing


To download the PEEL Zone tutorial, click here