Special Guests


Fabio Thomas

So I was walking into work right, about to get there – ten minutes early, actually – and this woman comes over to me, looking confused, hauling a little plastic suitcase – you know the old ones which haven’t even got four wheels, so I feel a bit sorry for her already, lugging the suitcase around and everything because she isn’t exactly young is she but what can you do she is staring hopelessly at her phone and she asks me if I know where Lucka’s house is and I say I have no idea but there is a map of the complex on the wall so we walk over to it and look up at the map and i have forgotten the name of the place she is looking for her accommodation I presume and she has lost her email and she is scrolling through and it is a little agonising but not too bad nothing compared to what I am used to talking my mum through how to attach a document to an email on the phone and the woman looks up to me and says I hate this bloody technology you know and I say yeah its horrible and she replies I wish we could just use typewriters and I say hummmm something odd happened then she scrolled pasted an email and I noticed the words fungi and agilo and I like food and hadn’t eaten breakfast so I noticed them and thought of bringing it up because my mother is Italian and they both seem to hate technology but then I thought she might be angered to know that I read her email so I thought better of it and by the time I had done she had retrieved the original email to everyone’s relief and then I found Lucka’s house on the map and explained to her where to go and she went on her way and I told her good luck.